Saturday Spotlight- Laura Fabrizi

Name: Laura Fabrizi
Marriage Status: Married 19 years
Children: James 18, Analiese 15
Occupation: Kindergarten Aide
Hobbies: Reading, cooking/baking, scrapbooking and, of course, running!
Hometown: Deer Park
Current Town: Lake Grove

I will start off by saying that I cannot believe I said “yes” to this, but I’ve learned you can’t say no to Lou LaFleur…lol
I appreciate this opportunity but I hope that I do not bore you all to death. Writing, in general is not my forte, and neither is telling things about myself, but here we go…

I am the youngest of four children and have always been athletic, or as I was told growing up, I was the typical “tom boy”. I loved competing in everything so I played all sorts of sports, loved running races at field day and even participated in gymnastics. Never took up running per say, but soccer was my passion. I played from when I was 7 until my senior year in high school, I was a forward and a goalie, and then decided to stop. I had a few scholarships but decided for a few reasons not to continue…immaturity in decision making there…

I stayed on the Island, went to college and received my teaching degree. At that time getting a teaching position was so difficult, so I subbed and then became a T.A.
Life threw in some twist turns and some roller coaster rides and I then ended up working as a bank teller. Got married, had my two wonderful, beautiful children, went back to the education field and life went on…

All my life I enjoyed exercise, any time, with friends, alone, anything. But as I grew in years, so did my weight on the scale. Then in 2016, my world completely shattered, I lost my dad..he was my absolute everything. He was always my biggest supporter, best friend, my rock, my go to guy, like I said my everything. When he passed, I knew I had to do something so I joined WW. With that came me running my first 5k and then the introduction to the hills by Jennifer Rowley Heymach. Since then, I have ran many different races including one 1/2 marathon and the 2018 NYC Marathon.

That is it for now, I hope it wasn’t as torturous for you to read as it was for me to write.

Thanks to Lou again!!!