Run for the Hill of It Top 10

In 2015, Race Awesome organized the first official Run for the Hill of It 10k road race…below are the top 10 male and female Selden Hills Warriors finishers. Click here for the full race recap!

Top 10 WomenTop 10 Men
1Eileen Donlon46:251Billy Holl35:57
2Dara Mayola46:422Tim Steiskal40:13
3Olga Greene48:033Josh Jastemski40:25
4Danielle Barrington 48:274Daniel Scrafford41:31
5Michelle Homan 48:425Tommy Nettuno41:55
6Tracey Epstein51:006Peter Castro42:40
7Colleen Thompson51:077Daniel Espinosa43:31
8Erica Fraiberg52:118Michael Qualley43:37
9Katy Forman52:279Charlie Long43:49
10Laura Morrison52:3210Sanjeev Chopra44:05

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