Warrior of the Week

Updated 2020

The Saturday Spotlight highlighting one of our members that began back in November 2013 has been a huge success!! We get to know one of our warriors better on a personal level so we see each other as more than just runners and athletes.

I believe it helps our group get stronger and are able to bond better as a group even as we increase our numbers!!

Therefore the Saturday Spotlight will now be just one aspect of a Warrior Of The Week title that will highlight not only their “story” but also allow them to have the rest of the week to provide us with more detailed insights.

MONDAY- Memorable Moment

TUESDAY- What Was I Thinking?!

WEDNESDAY- Wonder Wednesday-ask a question to create discussion

THURSDAY-Turn Back the Clock Thursday-identify someone who inspired you, motivated you…gave you that push….and was a spark that lit the eternal flame that now burns within you on your running journey. It could be a former or current coach, a running partner, a spouse, a relative, a famous personality who you admire or even a non runner who by their actions or words brought you to where you are today. Post a picture of them and write a brief synopsis of why that individual was your spark.

FRIDAY-Fun Fact FridayThese posts can be about their running or any other aspect of their lives….the only rules or boundaries are the ones they set.

I hope many of you take advantage of the opportunity as the weeks go by, so we can get to know you better on a personal level. As one of our warriors, Dara expressed so well, …”it’s scary putting yourself out there but it’s liberating at the same time!! I think it will make our group even more like a family of friends as the year progresses. Selden Hillbilly’s ROCK!!!!”


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**If you would prefer your Saturday Spotlight Post NOT to be featured on the website, please contact Lou or Michele (Shelly RB), before posting it to Facebook.**


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