Warrior of the Month

Are you in the running to become the next Warrior of the Month? Read the guidelines below to find out:

You run the hills or walk the hills. Either method qualifies you. You keep track of your total mileage for the entire month, but you must meet the minimum requirement of 24.8 miles (one 10k per week). The month begins at 12:01AM on the first day of the month and ends at midnight of the last day. Each time you run round your total to the nearest tenth of a mile. At the end of the month provide me with your total hills miles for the month to the tenth of a mile. No rounding up please.

This is for friendly competition so I don’t need to tell you that we are all on the honor system here. Your miles MUST be run on our 10K course. No mile should count toward your total that veers off into the surrounding neighborhood. If you get lost then that’s your problem. Don’t count those steps. So make sure you know the course. Everyone needs to be on a level playing field. Now I realize some of you do not live very close to the hills and that puts you at a disadvantage. But sometimes life isn’t fair. This is our course and maybe it will motivate you to come down more often and see us!! Or motivate you do a double or triple when you do come down. Let’s face it…many of us….including myself….will just be watching the heavyweights battle it out for the trophy each month.

I did say there was a trophy right??

So the trophy will be awarded at the hills the first Wednesday of the month for the previous months winner. Each months winner will receive the trophy from the prior months winner. Unless you retain the title!! Then you get to hand it from your right hand to your left! IF there should be a tie then I will explain the tiebreakers to the winners.

So we are more than half way to the end of our inaugural month. Keep putting in those Selden Hills miles and may the best man or woman win!!!

You want to know what this trophy looks like you say???

New Trophy

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