Saturday Spotlight- Gail Miranda

Name : Gail Miranda
Hometown : Staten Island
Current town:Hampton Bays
Aka: Turtlegirl (not cause I’m slow)
Occupation: Registered Dental Hygienist
Family: Husband Frank 4 Kids ( 1 girl and 3 boys ) also amazing Son in law and future daughter in law
Pet: Turtle
Random fact: I sang in an Opera when I was 9 years old!
Hobbies:running(duh) cooking bowling dancing genealogy biking traveling playing the piano reading shooting at the gun range

“Look out ‘cause here I come ….I’m not scared to be seen – I offer no apologies- This Is Me”

Thank you Lou for asking me to be WOTW – I picked this week it was available lol. Although I am a new hillbilly , I look forward to sharing something’s about myself . I am quiet and shy and I am shaking and panicking as I write this. I am an only child so I tend to ( and I am) comfortable by myself. More than likely as to are reading this I am doing one of three things- Running( Training for London Marathon Running for RSBC Charity)driving( my Mom is in Staten Island and had a seizure and stroke so I’m back and forth taking care of things- again only child)
or I’m working ( I have 3 jobs )

Born and raised in Staten Island (before the bridge- Verrazano Narrows was built) I had a great childhood. My parents would take me everywhere with them – We were on my Dad’s boat a lot in Staten Island or in Hampton Bays in the summers. My grandparents had planned on retiring here and bought a bungalow- but my grandfather died so the place was kept as a summer cottage . No heat no phone no TV we had such fun! Reading playing cards etc

No one’s childhood is perfect – I was molested by a an adult family friend – I knew something wasn’t right so I protected myself making sure I wasn’t alone – I found out I wasn’t his only victim and he died of cancer of the penis- This was my first lesson of what I feel is a truth in my life – the universe will take care of things!
I was smart in school but very sickly- I wasn’t around any siblings – when kids would catch a cold I would get hospitalized with pneumonia! I had all the measles chicken pox etc but this made me very strong as an adult.

Through out school I drifted to various careers – I was in my dentist’s chair watching what he was doing in his glasses – I found it fascinating- since I was always a science geek I decided then and there to be a dentist – union investigating dentistry further I read about being a RDH – I liked the idea of being preventive instead of restorative – I thought this would be a great way to get into dental school and make money for it. My high school guidance counselor called my parents in to explain why I was settling for RDH when I had the grades for dental school- but it was prevention for me that’s what I like.
It’s not easy to become a RDH – we take boards clinical and written just like Dentists I got into a program that I wanted that no one thought I would because I was only 17 years old . They like you to have a year of college – I got into a program that only takes 30 students a year! I learned if you really want something – you make it happen ! I had studied hard in High school and took physics and AP Bio while my friends got out early in senior year. I was away from school alone for the first time from my parents -I didn’t even have a drivers license yet!

While in college I met my first boyfriend and eventual first ( now Ex) . We had a lot in common but there were red flags I didn’t see. ( Note to self – if your boyfriend punches in a wall because you are going to see your family for the week end – this is not love! ) But after college we married and had 2 amazing kids.

To everyone we looked like the perfect couple but I was very unhappy and I started to have an eating disorder- mental abuse started to become physical abuse and a very smart police officer asked me what I was waiting for – it’s only going to get worse- we went to therapy – I did my own also – and out of my comfort zone – I filed for divorce! I vowed never to let anyone get that close again !

On weekends my kids were with their Dad – so I went out with my friends to dance clubs- I met my ex when I was 17 so I never had a club scene time- One day I decided to go out if my comfort zone and went to a club by myself- that’s when I met my now husband Frank ! I met all his friends and they danced with me – when they got tired I went to the next friend- last guy was Frank and he was able to keep up with me till 4 am! We hit it off right away – both had kids and were divorced- I was shell shocked by my last relationship but this man stuck by me till I was healthy and ready to get married- 5 years it took – I gained two wonderful step sons and our blended family gets along wonderfully ! I am happy to report I have a healthy relationship with food – and through our ups and downs – I can’t imagine anyone else by my side! Thank you for reading this …. This is me! ( I hope I stop shaking soon) 🤣