500 Members and Growing!

A huge crowd came out to the Selden hills on a 29* morning to celebrate the 500th member running our 10K hills course! An additional 11 newbies joined our Ms. 500, Evi Scapellati, to send us on our way to our next 500! Cheers to you all!!!

I just want to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome today. I must confess the hills are quite intimidating. I ran the course a couple of summers ago with one of your warriors and thought this is not for me AT ALL! Feeling a bit stronger and a few pounds lighter I figured it was time to revisit this hills challenge so I decided to actually join the group and put forth my best effort. By the grace of the stars alignment I was tagged your 500th member. Now I know it was my time to join you wonderful CRAZY people who love this sport like I do! Thank you Lou and Nancy for making this tough run today sooo worth it!!  -Evi Scapellati via Facebook



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