May Warrior of the Month- KC Brett

KC2Warrior of the Month for May 2014 is KC Brett with a total of 99.2 miles!! Congratulations KC!! You practically lived out on the course this month!!! Last months winner, John Greene, will make the trophy presentation to you on Wednesday just before the 5:30PM group run. I hope you AND John can be there at 5:20PM for the hand off!

After two months the top mileage earners are:

K.c Brett. 167.4
John Greene 158.9
Lou LaFleur 90.7
Michael DiBartolo 61.9
John Oakley. 58.0
Gills Rivadeneyra. 55.8
Lance Homan. 31.6
Dan Boline. 24.8
Ron Grinnell. 24.8

Mary Krobel 117.8
Joanne Sharon Styles. 89.7
Kristen Girardi. 56.1
Michele Samolinski -Xikis 42.0
Debra Franchi 40.6
Dawn Testa. 39.1
Heather Ackerly. 37.2
Alicia A Delano. 31.0
Nancy Russo 31.0
Denise Richardi McKeon 27.9
Dara Sulyma Mayola. 24.8

We will use most top 5 finishes as a second tiebreaker after most WOTM titles in the event of a tie in total mileage at the end of the year.

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