Saturday Spotlight- John Greene

Name:John Greene


Occupation:Small Business Owner Online Sports Nutrition
US Postal Service

Location :Dix Hills

First, I would like to thank Lou for giving me the opportunity to share my story.

Second,I would like to say ,Thank You! to the past Saturday Spotlight writers for telling their stories.

My first race was a cross country race while I was In High School. I had little running experience at the time other than the running I did as a kid.We played kickball,running bases,tag,kick the can,stick-ball,box ball,baseball,soccer to name a few. Three of my older brothers ran track in High School.I was encouraged to join a team as well.I heard of this guy Steve Prefontaine,a track star.September 1975, I signed up.I remember finishing that race feeling like my guts were coming out.My coach, Mr.Deasy ,explained to me that I needed to do some training. I said,”what’s that”.I guess that’s when,that’s when i knew, if I wanted to improve,I had to put in the work.I cut out the pictures from Life Magazine of 1976 Olympics with Frank Shorter. One day I came to school and my coach was walking kind of funny.I asked him what was up.He said he ran the Boston Marathon the day before.I said what was that?He began telling me a few things about running.He said it was something I could do.I ran Cross Country,Winter Track,Spring Track .March 1977 I signed up for the Earth Day Marathon. That’s a what was I thinking topic.The beginning of the running boom!

November 1991 I met my sister’s boyfriend Joe,at a race in Dix Hills.I caught up to him in the race and passed him.I thought it earned bragging rights until he showed me a picture of himself crossing the finish line @ NYC Marathon two weeks earlier.We sat in the car and talked about what I was doing with myself and the possibility of me being able to run NY the following year.He convinced me if I stick to a Plan I will reap success.!992 ran my first NYC Marathon.

November!995 was trying to qualify in NY for the 100th running of the Boston Marathon.My wife was due the day of the marathon.I got IN earlier in a lottery drawing.word had it there were 77 people picked from the tri-State area.She delivered early.Ran Boston 100th 1996.

2000 I wanted to officially get in to Boston.1999 I trained like a wild man! I qualified.I got IN.
At that time there was a runner ,Richard Murphy,who just completed his 25 Boston in a row.I thought to myself,who would be willing or even capable, to carry the torch,to continue that running legacy.I looked around at other runners.I didn’t see or know of anyone willing or able.I said to myself, I will…That is a will I ever Wednesday wonder story.

My friend Joe had talked about these Hills in Selden .Adirondack Dr.,Berkshire Dr.,but I never ran them.We ran them the first time in 2006.

October 2010 I completed my quest to run 50 marathons by the time I turned 50.50 marathons under 4:00 of those 50,25 under 3:30.I have been Blessed to have a long running career.I’ll see you on the Hills……

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