Saturday Spotlight – Taylor Zummo (8/29/20)

Name: Taylor Zummo

Age: 26

Marital Status: Not married… yet!

Kids: Two fur babies (Oakley & Maui)

Occupation: Full-Time High School Social Worker, Coach at Masá CrossFit, Full-Time Doctoral Student
Hobbies: CrossFit, Going on Hikes, Reading

Hometown: Rocky Point

Current Town: Coram

College: St Joseph’s, Stony Brook University, Capella University

Favorite Race: 5k Mud-Run

Frequent Running Spots: I typically do most of my running at the gym, although I would like to be at the hills more!

Personal Message:
Good morning everyone! I have to say a big thank you to Lou LaFleur for reaching out and asking if I wanted to be the Selden Hills Warrior of the Week. I was quite surprised, as I have not run the hills as often as many of you! I have only run the hills a handful of times, but each time, I was so amazed by this incredible and supportive community of people. I also have my two favorite people, Jay Kim and Tim Ed there with me! I have been experiencing a lot of shin splints as I run, so my runs have been much shorter distances at the gym so I am building my way back up to the 5k’s at the hills.

I am someone who has absolutely no background in fitness. My father was a marathon runner and a cyclist, and my mother has been playing sports her whole life. I always felt so intimidated to begin any style of fitness as I continued to doubt myself and my abilities.

In 2012, I was to introduce to CrossFit by my sister. I immediately fell in love because I realized it was a sport that could meet you where you are at. I really began to get into CrossFit in 2014, when I met my current boyfriend. Since then, I have watched my body become strong in ways I could have never imagined. Throughout that time, my sister was distance running daily and I began to join her when I could. I found running to be another way that I could expand upon my fitness.

I continue to struggle with my form in running so I have taken quite a few steps back to work on my stride, hence why I have not been part of this community as much as I would like to. I have been doing shorter distance running in the workouts we have at the gym and I feel like I have finally began to get my form to a place where I feel more comfortable going for longer distances.
As someone who is pursuing a doctorate, balancing a social work career, and coaching/managing a gym- I often feel so overwhelmed and anxious. I have found fitness to be that one thing that I can control. Whatever the fitness it is; CrossFit, running, etc, I have found something that truly brings me joy. What I appreciate most is the community, especially coming from a place with absolutely no background in fitness. Whether it is all of you or the community at my gym, I feel like no matter where I am in my ability level, everyone is so supportive.

Thank you again for allowing me to share a little bit more about myself and I hope to see you out on the hills soon!