Saturday Spotlight – Lisa Saric (9/5/20)


Name: Lisa Saric

Age: UGH do I have to…ok I’m 53

Kids: I have 2 sons, ages 27 and 25, …I’m surrounded by testosterone

Marital Status: Married to John who is not a runner – he cycles

My Pets, Laci, a Silky Yorkie and Luna a Shipoo are the daughters I never had

Occupation: I am a 6th grade middle school teacher and a Yoga Instructor. Currently, I teach Stand up Paddle Board Yoga classes.

Hobbies: ANYTHING OUTDOOORS…running of course, birdwatching, biking (outdoors or in, love my Peloton), hiking (especially in the desert), stand up paddle boarding, camping, exploring, combing the beach for drift wood and sea glass – I love adventure, trying new things that challenge me. I write daily…I bring a journal mostly everywhere I go, and photography (difficulty with modern devices….old school 35 mm was my thing. I “collect” clothes…fashion is my hobby…lol although quarantine had me in sweats with a work appropriate top for Zoom Meetings and running clothes were my day to day wear. I LOVE watching the Office over and over because I love to laugh, I LOVE listening to live music and dancing like no one’s watching, the problem is they are.

Hometown: Selden and then my family moved to Miller Place, NY

Currently Reside: Wading River, Ny

When Lou contacted me to be the Warrior of the Week, I was confused. It was what I imagine winning lotto feels like….total surprise… “NOOOOOOOOO…. I WONNNN??????”…kinda like passing an exam I studied my ass off for, but suspected I’d failed. Yet after the excitement came feelings of doubt and disbelief. “Was I deserving of the honor of being part of this elite group?” My thinking mind was my biggest obstacle as a runner but something crazy happened on those hills, they helped me to quickly realize, “I’m just a normal person with a love of running” and my W.O.W. highlight is actually a tool, a way to positively reflect on how much I’ve grown as a runner, not that I’’ll win any records or slay the slaughterhouse … I don’t like to say “NEVER” because a lot of my “never me statements” became achievements…..yes, I’m a positive person but I’m also realistic.

Ten years ago I became a runner…. I was physically in the best shape of my life, I was working out 4 times weekly with a personal trainer, and although I was strong, running was my weakness. Learning to run was not an adventure, more like torture. I was completely consumed and I failed over and over …I had no idea how to condition my body to run but I knew I needed support. So, the teacher in me began reading various books and articles, “Born to Run” was my favorite. I started asking questions and someone suggested joining a group. Of course, the universe directed me to Selden Hills. I found SHW YEARS AGO remember. I thought “, YAY..Ill join a running group and they’ll help me.” Lou kindly informed me and although it was through messenger, I sensed a chuckle “ to get in this group you need to run the hills!” “If I can’t run a mile with ease and happiness, how can I run those hills?” I was always a little stronger than my negative mindset about myself as a runner, so I decided I needed to set a goal.

Signing up for my first 5k race, the Black Sheep Blast, gave me something to strive for. I hired a running coach to prepare me, I enlisted friends to run with me and I learned something things about running but mostly about myself. LIGHT BULB MOMENT…even though my body was in shape and I had a “village” of supporters, I didn’t trust myself and I couldn’t get out of my head. In fact, the biggest obstacle was my thinking mind. The more I focused on running, the more of a task it became and the less happy I was. I ran for a few more years and enjoyed the summer and winter run series and even ran a few 10k’s but the truth is it didn’t click for me until recently.

Sounds like a cheesy cliché but practicing daily meditation and breath awareness in isolation, and in my yoga practice changed my life. Shifting my perspective to mindfulness, allowed me to remove negativity more quickly, and focus on the present moment. I wanted to share these tools with my students in school as well as other people struggling in areas of their life, so I became a certified yoga teacher and found myself devouring every specialty course I could take from Mindfulness guide in nature, to sound therapist and Yoga for recovery. Now, with a renewed endurance, I feel as though my mind got out of my way and allowed me to enjoy the run.

So when COVID quarantine afforded me the opportunity to find ME again, I made a list and I felt inspired to run. One of the biggest accomplishments was earning the title selden hills warrior . Im addicted, not only to the course but the positivity surrounding this amazing group of people. Thank you for welcoming me…Now, I’m trying to view running as an opportunity to change every day…running centers me, it calms me…

Running EMPOWERS me and I am proud to be a SHW.

Thank you Lou!!!!