Saturday Spotlight- Lou LaFleur

I never even thought about running until I was 43. The pounds started creeping up on me and I was feeling like I had to do something about that. I wasn’t about to start dieting! I love food too much for that! So I was working one day and saw a race application for the Shelter Island 10K race in June of 1999. I thought that would be a good thing to try.

I had started walking and then running some the winter before and thought “why not”? I ran with a friend who I was working with at the time. Well let’s just say doing that distance on that course is not a smart move for your first race ever!! I got it done but not without major pain and suffering! But I was hooked on racing! I trained and raced 27 races from June thru December. I loved running!! Fast forward to the present…I have run over 400 races now, dropped 25 lbs from those early days and am running faster now than 14 years ago! Losing the lbs helps but it was when I started running the Selden Hills in June 2010 that my race times started dropping dramatically! Between that first hills run in 2010 to last weeks hills run I have run the course 112 times. That’s a lot of calorie burn folks!! When I retired from Federal Law enforcement in 2008 I really started taking my training and commitment to running to another level. I joined the GLIRC racing team in 2010, have run track meets indoors and outdoors, raced all distances from the mile to the marathon. (My one marathon being MCM back in 2010. I realize I’m a short distance racer!) I enjoy running with my beautiful wife, Nancy and my daughter, Lindsay, on occasion too! I’m planning on running for many years to come, God willing, and having the company of SO many fit and inspiring runners I come in contact with as I race and train is a blessing. It keeps me motivated and wanting more!! As McGrady Kevin says…”run because you can”!! :-))))

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