Saturday Spotlight- Jean Nesbitt

So far many of our stories share a common thread and mine is no different. While growing up I never felt I belonged. Low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, I wasn’t in to sports , I wasn’t a good student. I didn’t really have anything to call my own. What I could do and do well was party and that is what I did. The only running I did was for the beer party at the finish.

Fast forward to my late thirties, early forties where most people have settled in to their lives. I settled in, but the partying continued. With lots of support and love from family and friends, I put down the party.

I decided not to roll into my fifties with the 30lbs I gained and decided to join the gym. With the help of Robin, an amazing trainer, I lost those 30 lbs. and started working on becoming fit. Even though I hated to run, I agreed to run with Robin at the Joe Keany 5K. Race day came and I ran/walked and felt so blessed along that course route that God had given me this opportunity. I finished and went home feeling so accomplished. A few days later I found out I placed 3rd in my age group. Robin introduced me to Sue Porter, who became my running partner in crime! We signed up for a 5k in Center Moriches the next weekend and again, much to my surprise, I placed in my age group!! I was hooked! Sue and I did races almost every weekend. The friendships and bonds with people all along this journey are nothing short of amazing. Somewhere along the way, we heard of the “Hills” and decided to take a chance and meet up with Lou and Maryann. When I saw Adirondack Drive, I thought I would die. When we turned on to Berkshire, I remember Maryann saying, “don’t worry this is just some rollers”! hahaha. When I finished that course, I was depleted and elated! I hated and loved those hills. I wanted to leave and never come back and in the same thought, I was making arrangements to meet everyone the following Wednesday. I ran those hills at least once a week for a year, meeting more and more supportive and encouraging people along the way.

I’ve learned so much. . .the most important is that nothing is impossible, especially with the support and encouragement of the running/triathalon community.

I am humbled and so very blessed to call myself a runner/triathlete and be a part of this amazing group. Thank you! Love you all!

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