Selden Hills Warriors live for the uphill battle- Newsday article

This article appeared in the September 5, 2018 issue of Newsday’s LI Life section

By John Hanc

Special to Newsday

Quadriceps pumping, breath labored with each agonizing step, the four runners — three men and a woman — made their way up the hill. Leaning forward into the steep grade, they looked like human slash marks arrayed along the margins of a page as they ground their way to the top.

After about three-tenths of a mile, they reached the summit and paused momentarily, gasping for air. The tidy ranch houses lining Rosemont Avenue were silent witnesses to their uphill battle — and their panting from the exertion was the only sound on this quiet Sunday morning

Kevin “K.C.” Brett, a 58-year-old runner and triathlete from Port Jefferson Station, gestured out to distant smudges of blue and brown on the horizon. “In the winter, you can see Fire Island from here,” he said.

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