Katy’s Kinetic Korner May Update

Katy’s Kinetic Korner monthly summary for May, 2015
I completed 5 Selden Hills 10K runs in this my first month of my journey. I improved my times each and every time out! Thanks to some great runners I have met along the way that pushed me to go harder and thanks to the great coaching as well! Couldn’t ask for better then that right? So here is my summary chart. If you were following along and doing the same experiment, how did you make out?
Lou ‘s Reminder: you really should be out there once a week to develop and keep any gains you make.

5/1/15. 59:39. 9:37 pace
5/6/15. 57:38. 9:17
5/13/15. 57:00. 9:12
5/20/15. 56:58. 9:12
5/27/15. 56:17. 9:05
I improved over three minutes from the beginning of the month until the end. My average pace was 9:17 for the month.
I only ran a few races so when I have a few to compare my race times over the next several months, I will summarize those as well!
Thanks for all the support Warriors as I continue my quest to be the best runner I can be!!

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