The 25k Scream Machine

I promised I would post the details of the added distance to our 20K Meatgrinder course prior to the running of the first Scream Machine! 25K on 2/28/16. You have two weeks to check out the added 5K distance so you know how to pace yourself and what to expect before you run the course.

The last street before turning into the Westfield shopping center parking lot to head toward the finish is called Janice Lane. So instead of heading to the finish as you would for all our other courses you make a right onto Janice to start the final leg of the 25K course. You follow Janice and climb the hill and make a left onto Woodlawn Avenue. Cross over Adirondack to South Bicycle Path where you make a right and head south. SBP runs parallel to Adirondack so you see some familiar cross streets as you work your way to Manhasset Drive. Make a right on Manhasset to Adirondack where you make a right and run the same terrain you ran to begin the course only heading north this time. Same hills but the downhills of mile 1 are now the uphills of mile 14! When you reach Ormond Ave take a left until you reach Janice Lane once again. A right on Janice brings you back to Blue Point Rd. Make that right heading toward the shopping center parking lot. Instead of turning into the lot continue on to Middle Country Road. Make a right on Middle Country to the second entrance to the parking lot. Make a right at the entrance and follow the road until you reach the finish pole.

Once you do you’ve completed the Selden Hills Scream Machine!!! feel free to scream, laugh, cry or whatever else you might be feeling. You will be one of a short list of Warriors who take this on and live to tell the story!!!




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