And the winner is…

I would have liked to report that the awarding of the first ever Warrior of the Month trophy was a battle fought to the last day of the month with many warriors putting in tough miles to eek out a victory. But the reality is that one John “the machine” Greene took the title with an incredible feat of 100 Selden Hills miles logged for the month of April!! To say Johns focus was winning this trophy would be an understatement!! This is a man who has run over 50 marathons so he knows how to get the most out of his body without breaking down. So congratulations John!!! We will have a trophy presentation at the 5:30PM Wednesday hills run on 5/7 before we head out for our run. Let’s all show up to celebrate with him!

The top 5 get to have their mileage carry over to be “banked” for the Warrior of the Year title to be awarded at years end. Congrats to you as well!!

1) John Greene. 100
2) K.c. Brett. 68.2
3) Gills Rivadenyera. 55.8
4) Mary Kroebel. 55.8
5) Michele Samolinski -Xikis. 42.0

John enjoy your title. Let’s see if anyone can replace him as winner next month. Lace up and head out warriors! You are on the clock for the month of May!!! (BTW the Warrior of the Year will be awarded for both a men’s crown and a women’s tiara!! :-))

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