2015 Warrior of the Year Results

On the women’s side…

New to the leaderboard for December is Kristyn Lineman.
39 women made the leaderboard this year vs. the 20 that made it for the 9 months we held the competition in 2014. Nice increase by the ladies!!
Their total mileage increased from the 2014 total as well. From 3457.6 to 6194.8. An amazing surge!
So while the men were the overall mileage leaders in 2014 by a margin of 529.8 the women came back and took that honor away in 2015 by a margin of 291.1 And congratulations once again to Debra Miccio-Franchi who was our Warrior Of The Year for the women in 2015!!!

For the men…

New to the last leaderboard of 2015 is Jon Frisch and Mike Russell.

The total number of men who met the minimum mileage for a month at least once was 26.
The total leaderboard mileage for the men was 5903.7 hills miles.
That bested the 2014 totals which were 23 runners and 3987.4 miles, which was only for 9 months out of the year as the WOTM competition did not begin until April 2014

Congratulations to ALL the runners who competed this year!
And congratulations once again to our male Warrior Of The Year Juan Oliveras!!

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