The Original ‘Why We Run’ by Jean Nesbitt

We run in the snow, we run in the heat, we run in the rain,

We run after root canal, we run after being on a plan,

We run with the dogs, we run away from the dogs,

We run after a half mile swim, we run on our birthdays,

We run when our knees hurt, heads hurt, ankles hurt,

We run 6.2

And then we run it again.

We run for two, we pay a sitter, we hand off our kids to run,

We run for pizza, we run for beer,

We drive miles and miles to run,

We run for a PR…or not.

We run fast, we run slow,

We run as a leader, we run as a follower,

We run for ourselves and we run for each other.

We run in RED.

whywerunmagnet - Edited

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