Becoming a Selden Hills Warrior by John Graziano

While the Selden Hills is a place that we run to get our hills training in, it is just that….a place. We like to say “It’s just a hill, get over it.”

However, a Selden Hills Warrior, is a state of being! Warriors are defined as a tribal class of people who specialize in warfare, or combat. Selden Hills Warriors are no exception. We battle those hills with our hearts. We get through the challenge with our fellow Warriors at our sides, ready for victory. We become stronger in number, but the tribe remains one family, in unison with each other’s footsteps. Warriors do not go silently into the night, and surprisingly haven’t been arrested for it.

To be a Warrior, you can simply run the hills course. It’s a challenge worth the name. But, to BE a Warrior, to share the essence of the tribal team, you must be willing to sacrifice your heart to the tribe. Once you do, the state you live in will be the most euphoric state of awesome, with tribal Warrior friends that will defend you, push you beyond your limits, acknowledge your accomplishments, and share your enthusiasm!

You can run the hills for the experience, but once you become a Selden Hills Warrior, that experience will become a lifetime of battles won!

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