Wonder Wednesday- Rich Sallustro

Wonder Wednesday

I often wonder how these hills can reflect different aspects of life’s ups and down.

The hills vary in incline and length …they are hard and at times never seem to end. They are strenuous…one day we are fully charged and run them non-stop, other days we just need to catch our breath and just walk. Hot or cold, rain or shine, no matter how many times we do them, it just doesn’t seem to get easier.

Just like life, it too can throw you a few uphill battles….a health condition, a broken or lost relationship, a job with no fulfillment. Everybody has “their” hill or perhaps hills they are dealing with, sometimes apparent, sometimes in secret while; yet on the surface everything looks cool.

What’s interesting is that many come, not only to these hills, but in general, out to run in order to get away from the others “hills” in their lives.

More importantly, I also recognize that we guide one another, encourage each other up those steep climbs and stick together. We don’t allow ourselves to quit because we know it will soon be easier and we’ll be cruising down Blue Point Rd soon.

And in the end, when you see all the smiling faces, supporting and celebrating the challenges you have overcome, you look back and realize you were running towards the end the entire time..maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

Does anybody else find these parallels between life and running?

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