Warrior Story- Sarah Thompsen

Wonder Wednesday

At the first Cherry Ave 10k, in 2014, a cold and cloudy day where only the award winners hung around, I was chatting with a few of the ladies as we waited for our bling. I didn’t take note of their names, if we even introduced ourselves. Six or seven months later, after looking back randomly at the race results (and then with the ensuing conversation), I realized that I’d been hanging out that day with Victoria Gianninoto and Shelly RB and Marie Trav (who made quite a fabulous Alice in Wonderland). Brianne Langstaff I remember flying past me on the course in a cape. I also apparently met Margaret Rivero at the 2015 Brewery Run and chatted with her the whole way back from the finish to the party! And of course when I first saw NFBE at a race, I was momentarily confused, because “isn’t that the UPS guy!?” kiki emoticon
So my question is, did any of you meet any of your fellow Warriors before you MET them?

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