Warrior Stories- Rick Secor: Part II

Since I have spent so much time on the Hills over the years, I’d thought that I’d share some facts about a race that used to incorporate our beloved Hills, back in the late ’80s.

The race was called “The Count’s 4k and 8k Runs” there was also a 600 yard run for the kids and it was presented by Islanwide Runner . Anyone that has ever run an Islandwide Runner event , knows that the awards could be peculiar , weird and fun . For example over the years I had been awarded a kangaroo keychain , a pair of pink Day Glo glasses , a pink flamingo and at this particular race I won a Dracula doorknob cover . It was a full morning event with a nice brunch afterwards at The Ponderosa .( Located where the Ruby Tuesdays now is on the corner of Rt. 25 and C.R. 83 ) The awards ceremony itself was held at Royal Racquetball and Health Club. It was a blast because a bunch of us worked out together after the awards.

The courses started and ended at the amphitheater on Bicycle Path . The 4k course headed east to the other side of C.R. 83 and never touched our beloved Hills . That’s not saying that it was a flat course ’cause it wasn’t !!

The 8k headed north on Bicycle Path and then abruptly cut through a side road that lead us to Adirondack . We entered Adirondack a little bit passed what us Warriors know as the one mile mark . The course then continued up toward Summit and did the loop around Rosemont just like us ! After looping Rosemont we then head backwards down Adirondack again !!! Imagine doing that road twice in a race ? After bringing it back down Adirondack , we retraced our footsteps back to the amphitheater and finished in front of the stage !
It was one of the toughest courses I’ve ever ran and I’ll never forget it !

I was looking through the results and noticed that a couple of other Warriors also ran it that year !!! Brian Manghan finished 3rd O.A at a time of 29:17 ,,,,,and Frank Capone finished with a time of 36:31 !!!! Insane times for that course !!! Being the ass that I am , I ran both races that year . I finished the 4k in 14:23 and then I crawled in at 34:18 in the 8k !

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