Turn Back the Clock- by Michele Xikis

When I think about all the people that have influenced me towards running, or just to helping me develop into someone I can be proud of I would have say my husband and best friend Jim. He’s given me more insights on how to grow and be independent and at the same time allows me to just be me. He’s the one who asks after a hills run “how do you feel”! Or don’t forget to stretch your calves- try this new stretch read this article. He’s always looking to better himself and his family.

I’ve grown to feel like I’m letting him down if I don’t push harder through a run. He’s never said no not today or not now when I’ve said I’m going for a run, and he’s the first to ask how’d you do when I return.

He’s the one standing at the finish line as I crossed my first half- gifts and hugs and the look of a proud man, at my accomplishment.

I don’t always give him the credit he deserves, and lord knows I don’t always give him the praise he deserves for all that he does. He is an inspiring man humbled by his own experiences.
So as he embarks on his journey to weight loss and a planned 5 k when he gets there I can only hope that I will be for him what he has always been for me.

Michele X

Michele X2

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