Saturday Spotlight – Victor Fassano (7/17/20)

Warrior of the week.

Name: Victor Fassano


Marital status: single Kids: 1 a son turning 20 in 2 weeks

Pets: A bluenose pitbull named Hercules.

Occupation: retired Sheet Metal Worker 32.5 years was enough!

Hobbies: running, biking , weight training, ice hockey beach volleyball. Binge watching Netflix.. (Ozark right now) oh yeah I’m a big Met fan!!

Hometown: Queens/ Hicksville. Current town: Centereach

I’d like to start by thanking Lou for honoring me with warrior of the week!But here’s the thing. I’m not a real runner!! At least not yet!Up until this year I’ve never run anything longer than a 5K. I would do the family fun runs and the fundraiser 5Ks. Even a couple of sprint triathlons. Still the run part was a 5K. Ice hockey was my sport. I played all through Jr high & high school.

I traveled all over playing hockey. The great thing about ice hockey is that you can glide a lot!So how I got to the hills….I train in Islip at a place called sports and fitness performance. That’s where I met Mary Kroebel. She’s a real runner!One Saturday I walk into a bagel store in Selden and ran into Mary. She’s with this big group of people laughing and chatting. they looked like fun. It’s was SHW. January 26 2020 I ran the classic for the first time. I was hooked!!!I’m hoping to run a half Marathon and then a full some day soon.