Saturday Spotlight- Thomas Fisher

Name: Thomas Fisher

Age: 39

Marital Status: Married to Nichole

Kids: Logan (3)

Occupation: Currently Activated Full Time National Guard Soldier

Hobbies: Running of course, attempting other fitness, studying history

Hometown: Lake Ronkonkoma

Current Town: East Patchogue, NY

College: St Joseph’s, Patchogue

Favorite Race: Cow Harbor

Frequent Running Spots: The Medford/ Yaphank birder, the hills, Downtrown Patchogue

Personel Message:

Good morning Warriors and Hillbillies. I am this week’s Warrior of the Week. Thank you Lou LaFleur for picking me. I was a bit surprised when he messaged me asking if I wanted to do it, I’m just a dude that shows up a runs 🤷🏻‍♂️.

So my story. I don’t think I had any special Forrest Gunp type moment where I made a left out of the front gate and just didn’t stop. But I got here just the same.
Between 7th and 8th grade I was still relatively short having not grown much yet. I also had a size 38 waist. I was the quite fat kid in sweatpants that got bullied often. In this same time period I made the decision that I didn’t like it being that way anymore and I joined started playing football. I also just happened to start having significant growth spurts. Between growing and sports I slimmed down a quite a bit, but have also kept a little weight on. I also discovered that I liked being active. (I also learned to push back so the bullying virtually stoped here as well 😉).
Flash forward to February 2002 and the events happening around me and a noticeable stagnation in my life, I was a 21 years old comic book store assistant manager, I joined the Army. I got into better shape and found that I actually liked running. I did it a lot, typically 20-30 miles a week and did a two miler in around 12:10. When I left active duty slowly the miles I was running dropped from 6 to 4 and so in until I wasn’t really running anymore.
I reminded in the Army National Guard (which I am in still) but my fitness level dropped significantly and the weight started piling back on. For many years I have struggled with the making the weight standard.
Jump forward to June of 2019. I was up to about 230 lbs and about 28% body fat. The Army says I should be 200lbs or max of 24% (which is still a lot). I was very unhappy about my weight. It never left my mind. I’m getting older, 38 years at that tine and have a young child. Logan is only 3. I realized that if I want to be around for significant events in his life or meet potential grandkids then I have to be careful with things like heart disease and diabetes. I finally decided, enough is enough.
One Friday evening I stopped into Hoptron (RIP) in Patchogue for a beer. It was my first time popping in, having wanted to for ever. They had an electronic beer menu that occasionally flashed a notice for their running club. The Same running club that Rich Sparacin just happened to be in. A short Facebook conversation and I started running Patchogue. Just three weeks later he talked me into showing up at the hills.
From there I ran Cow Harbor and the Suffolk half. This year I will be running some full Marathons. Signed up for LI and likely will Southampton.
Because of all the running in November I was down to 200lbs, my goal weight. I put a bit back over the holidays but am going to double down and get it off again.
Another bonus is all of you. Between sports and the Army I was used to a community of like minded people. That is something that is hard to find in the adult world. But here you are. As a group you are all super friendly and encouraging. People I’ve rarely or never had a conversation with are quick to offer a fist bump, high five or words of encouragement. They also don’t hesitate to let you join in for a run.

Sorry for being so long. Thank you all for being you and showing me the path and helping me stay on it. 2020 is going to a big year for my running. I really tried to find a picture of me as a little chuncker but I guess I’d don’t have any sorry.