Saturday Spotlight- The Homans

We each have a background in team sports, but after college we weren’t exactly sure how to apply our competitive spirit. In 2003, Karena suggested we run the Joe Keany Memorial 5k with her.  It sounded like a great idea. Neither of us had ever run a 5k and weren’t quite sure what to expect. The morning of the race was a torrential downpour.  Do they still have it in the rain? Sure enough we showed up and the race was on. The race was exhilarating, and to top it off, we even got medals.  This was the race that let us know where we belonged…

From there, we continued to race 5ks, but after dabbling in some duathlons we also set our sights on a triathlon. In 2006, we decided to take the plunge, but found the only open race left to be on Block Island. It was fun, challenging, and we were instantly hooked. After that we became regulars on the Long Island running and triathlon scene. It was in 2010 we finally decided to go for it all and raced The Long Island Marathon, Rhode Island 70.3 and closed out the season with Ironman Louisville.

Shortly after the Ironman we decided it was family time. It usually surprises people to hear that I did not run AT ALL while I was pregnant with Chelsea (I did just do an Ironman!). But Lance continued on, and in an effort to keep himself busy, raced Muncie 70.3 that year. During that season of training is when the hills came into our lives. After seeing Maryann and Lou at the rainy Caumsett 25k, they of course recruited him to join the then small group of Selden Hill Warriors. I have to admit I was slightly jealous when he would come home on summer nights soaked and exhausted—I couldn’t wait to see what this was all about.

After Chelsea was born, I began my comeback season.  I battled injuries in the beginning as I tried to comeback too fast, but eventually I settled in and ran the hills for the first time New Year’s Eve 2011. It took me a good hour and 10 minutes and I couldn’t imagine how I would ever take off so much time. I went on that season to PR everything (Lance too!), and much of that credit goes to the strength gained from the Selden Hills.

Although we have many great accomplishments and successes, we will never forget our humble beginnings and are constantly motivated to set new and challenging goals.

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