Saturday Spotlight- Susan Donnelly

Name Susan Donnelly
Age 53 (very soon to be 54)
Grew up in Ronkonkoma
Living in Mt Sinai
Married to Joseph for 32 years
Children Matthew 31,Amanda 28
Grandsons 12,7 (one from each)
Pet dog (really my daughters but she moved out and we got dog)
Occupation LPN

When Lou originally asked me to be warrior of the week it was for mid June . But yesterday I got a message from him asking to move it up a little,so how can you say no to Lou so here it goes.
I was born in Smithtown General Hospital quiet a few years ago . I have an older sister Janet B’kant and younger brother.My mother was a stay at home Mom she didn’t start working till we were in our teens . She worked at Mid Island dept store in Hauppauge for many years . We all thought she got paid in brown paper bags she was always finding all the clearance sales . My father was raised and worked on Whippoorwill game farm in Hauppauge ,they raised pheasant and duck to release for hunting for the wealthy men of Ny like Macy,Rockefeller etc . It was located where the Windwatch golf club and Hotel are located. After they sold the farm he became a lineman for LILCO/LIPA ,he is also a volunteer fireman for Hauppauge for over 65 years.
I was never athletic the only sport I did was gymnastics. In 7th grade I tried out for cheerleading and gymnastics team didn’t make either on so that was the end of tryouts. I did continue gymnastics lessons for many years. I was always on the heavier side (hated Levi’s with the tag on the outside always covered up the size ). I did slim down in high school but my weight always fluctuated especially after having the kids. So after I ballooned up again to a weight I never expected I would reach I joined Weight Watchers again. That was 7 years ago and lost 70’lbs ,took over 1 1/2 years but I have kept it off for over 5 years now.

I was always a walker and did dvd but to keep it interesting and to keep the weight off I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try new activities so I signed up for tennis lessons,stand up paddle board lessons (did buy my own),archery lessons,belly dance lessons (hated the class probably was because of the other student all teens except me and one other person no one talked and way to serious),rock climbing . I loved Long Island Adventure Park with the zip lines and suspended trails .I got the bike out rode to Smithspoint from my house 25 miles .
My love of running started when a coworker was upset her sister couldn’t make their traditional turkey trot, I had wanted to try one so we decided to run together and did my 1 st 5 k in nov 2014 . From there we did the summer run series,then the winter run series. At those run I kept seeing all those red shirts It’s just a hill get over it ,was way to intimidated to approach anyone ,I didn’t really consider myself a good runner. In March of 2016 I got my sister Janet to run the Little cow harbor run for soup near her and she was hooked joined Northport running club within a few months. That is when I started to look into Selden Hills ,I was looking on this FB page and asked to join ,Lou said in order to join you have to run them first , so on a cold February day with a lot of encouragement and guidance from Wilfredo Colón I did my first hill run. I didn’t return again until April but each time I did I met more amazing nice( and some crazy)people and I keep coming back.

Wow got that done ,felt like I had to hand in my final exam essay, hopefully I get a decent grade 😆