Saturday Spotlight- Scott Fredriksen

Name: Scott Fredriksen
Age: 40
Occupation: Marketing Mgr. @ Verizon
Married to: The amazing Lisa (Lisa Mac)
Children: Jack(10), Patrick(8), Ryan(5)
Good Afternoon all! I apologize for the late post, we just drove back from the Outer Banks and we wanted to really soak in the Verrazano Bridge and the Belt Parkway. We decided to drive really really slow to check out the scenery…..#torture
A little about myself: I was born and raised on LI, growing up in the mean streets of Nesconset! Went to Sachem HS and when I graduated, I attended college at SUNY Albany for two years until I reconnected with my HS sweetheart who is now my wife of 15 years. I took a short break then finished my undergrad at Dowling and went on to get my MBA at Dowling College as well (RIP Dowling) The rest is history….. We now live in Rocky Point and I coach my boys hockey team and soccer teams… We are all crazy about hockey… my wife even loves it (except sitting in cold ice rinks in the winter). Islanders all the way except for my 5 year old Ryan who is a Boston Bruins nut! He rules and I think its awesome so I will let him cheer for the Bruins for a little longer.
Running: To be completely honest, I never really enjoyed running. I know, I know! I used to joke that I would only run if I was being chased! I have always enjoyed endurance type sports since I was a kid but I just didn’t get the whole running thing! I was a very active cyclist when i was young but I had a very unfortunate incident that I was a part of and it was tough to return to the saddle. I organized a HS cycling club at Sachem and when we were on a weekend ride, our teacher who also loved the sport was struck and killed by a car. It was the first time in my life that I became aware that I was not invincible. Sorry to bring you down here but I will get back to that story later in the week. In college I was on the rowing team and it was an amazing experience. When I got to Dowling, I even trained with a few guys who went on to Row for Croatia in the Olympics. Those guys were absolute beasts that taught me so much about how to train, nutrition, etc.
About two years ago, a friend, coworker and fellow Warrior, Mike Russell told me I should do the Deep Pond sprint triathlon. I signed up, got through the swim, bike was awesome, run was a bitch and I even got stung by hornets in the head….. needless to say I was hooked!!! A few weekends after, I ran the hills for the first time, Slaughterhouse…. once again hooked! I am now training for my first half iron, Mighty Montauk this Oct.
My experience with SHW: What an absolutely amazing group of very diverse men and women who all share one constant thing….. Crazy Awesome! Every time I come down and run, I meet another friendly person. Lou…. you are awesome and do a great job with keeping everything together.
If you actually read all the blabber above and actually got to this point in my story, I leave you today with this: Never stop following your dreams, never ever give up on anything that you do and always push yourself for greatness no matter what… big or small! I will see you all tomorrow at the Hills. I will be the one wearing red and looking awesome….I may be hard to find, there will be many that look just like me!

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