Saturday Spotlight- Kristyn Lineman

Name: Kristyn Lineman Age: 37 Married to Scott Lineman

Children: Matthew 7 and Jennavieve 5

Occupation: 1st grade teacher for 13 years which I can’t believe. I love my job and have always wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember.

I have been thinking about what to write since Lou asked me to be Warrior of the Week a few weeks ago. I was very honored but also a bit nervous writing about myself, but here it goes. I grew up one of four and the only girl in a very sports centered family. My brothers were involved in just about every sport there was and me trying to keep up with them asked to play everything that they did. I played soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, gymnastics, dance, and basketball. My favorites were soccer, basketball and gymnastics. I played a sport every season in junior high school, and was involved in gymnastics and basketball in high school, which is a little strange because the sports were completely different. I always enjoyed running during practices for the sports that I was involved in and never minded the suicides or extra laps around the school. I am not really sure why I never went our for cross country or ran more when I was younger.

When I went away to college it was the first time my life that I wasn’t involved in a sport. My sport became drinking with my friends and going to parties. I tried a couple of times in college to run around the track but it just never stuck.

After few years after college I met my husband and we got married and had our two kids. I would complain that he always had things to do and I wasn’t involved in anything. So my sister in law asked me to play soccer with her and I did. It felt great to be part of a team again, but it was only once a week. Scott told me that I should start running because I always talked about how much I liked it. About a week later I started to do just what he suggested. I ran about 5 miles and it felt great. I continued this for about a month and then was super excited when I got my first iphone because now I would be able to track my runs and see how fast I was going and also listen to music. Out I went and boy was I exhausted when I got back. I looked at my phone to see how fast I was going and how far I had run. To my surprise my phone said it was only 1.5 miles. I still laugh when I think about how I thought I had been running 5 miles but in reality it wasn’t even 2. I continued to stick with it and eventually I signed up for the Run Around Lake Ronkonkoma. After that I said that is as far as I will ever run, and then I ran Cow Harbor my first 10k, and I said again that is as far as I will ever run, and then I signed up for the Caumsett 25k and I said I will definitely never run a marathon that is way to far, and last year I ran my first marathon ever NYC.

During my first Blue Point Brewery run I reconnected with a very special person Danielle Simone. It was her that asked me to come run the Selden Hills with her this past New Years Eve. I had always seen the red shirts at many all of the local races and now I was going to get a chance to see what the shirts were all about. I am so glad that I went and ran that morning. I LOVE being able to say that I am part of this team. I have met some really great people on my runs at the hills and I look forward to meeting many more of you.

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