Saturday Spotlight – Karine Bordges (4/18/20)

Name: Karine Bordges
Age: 39
Marital Status: Married – Mike
Kids: Jasmine 22, Gemma 9, and Tj (pronounced Teeg) 2
Pets: Rex (Chihuahua) and Sonny (German Sheppard)

Occupation: Mother, Branch Service Manager for Penske, and full time college student
Hobbies: All of the above and toss in some running J
Hometown: St. James, NY
Current Town: Farmingville, NY

Thank you to Lou for asking me to be the warrior of the week. When I was messaged and asked, I was apprehensive since I am a little shy but like so many others who may have felt the same here we are! Where do you start?!?.

Well, growing up my parents were married at a very young age. Starting a family at just twenty years old they had three girls one right after the other (Aug. 1979, Nov. 1980, and Feb 1982). Me I was that one right in the middle who quickly became known as the troublemaker. I secured the title in October of 1997 when I was sixteen in the 10th grade giving the family an unbelievable shock that I was eight months pregnant and had to drop out of school.

Only a few weeks later my parents became grandparents at 38 years old. Jasmine’s father and I were doing ok and trying to figure life out together but when my daughter Jasmine was four months old I found myself being a single mother and for reasons I may never know never saw him again. I earned my GED in a BOCES program while working babysitting jobs and at local small businesses to earn money to support my daughter. I planted my feet working for a trucking company, Penske, as a secretary in 2001.

With the support of family and close friends, I went to Suffolk County Community College at night two days a week for about a year but that did not really work out for so long. I met my husband Mike when he came to work for Penske also and we became friends quickly. We have been together now for over 16 years and both still work together just in separate locations. After being married a few years we extended our family having our second girl, Gemma and completed it a few more years later with our son Tyler (Tj).

I often joke my kids are so far apart because I was finally old enough to have children with the last two.Looking back, I would never think for a second I would have made it to be the person I am, having wonderful healthy and happy children, a partner in life, and generous career. It has been the circle of my life so far that has made me into the person I am today and I found peace and humbleness in almost every challenge. Things do happen for a reason..

Throughout the week I will introduce you how running has become a part of my life, more about my children, sisters, friends, and my sole-sister/sister-in-law/best friend (She gets a few titles) and of course some of you will be included too!Every week I like to read posts from all of you Warriors. It does get weird if I see you on the hills because I think “Oh I know that person!” I hope when you see me you can think the same and remember me. When I hit the hills I usually get passed during group runs at Rosemont because I start earlier with the 7:30am group so please say “Hi!” and I hope you too will think “I know her?”!