Saturday Spotlight- Johnathan Rush

Name: Johnathan Rush
Age: 31
Occupation: Full Time: Student / Part Time: Suffolk County Courts Security Officer
Martial Status: Engaged!
Home Town: Bay Shore, NY
Current Residence: Bay Shore, NY
Hobbies: Beer drinking and howling at the moon!!🐺🐺
Good morning hillbilly’s!! So it all begin on October 26, 1987 my mother gave birth to a healthy boy!! ME, lol. I was raised by my strong and loving grandmother and aunts and uncle. While I was was growing up my mother was around but due to her sickness was unable to raise me. My father was a deadbeat and left us at the age of 2. But lucky for me I had two great uncles to help raise me to the man I am today. In school I played football and basketball, but wasn’t the greatest.

I was small kid growing up and didn’t hit my growth spurt until college. By the time I hit 9th grade all my friends begin to talk of college, but at that time I knew what I wanted to do. I had a desire to serve my country. I had told my grandmother what I wanted to do but she insisted I go to college like my sister. The military left a bad taste in her mouth due to both her daughters serving and her brother. And she just didn’t like how vets were being treated. But I wanted to do my part. Then on that horrific day September,11 2001 seeing the towers fall I had a rage inside of me that I could not control, and on that day I said fuck it!! I’m doing this shit. So I started to figure out what branch I wanted to enlist in, I knew I needed to get in shape so I started to run and lift weights everyday. Something came over me and I began to run faster and get stronger each and every day. My first visit was to the navy office where I talked to a recruiter about being a navy seal.

My uncle told me about them and told me I should go check it out so I did. The wait was for a year and I was not about that. The war was going on and I didn’t want to miss it. So I look across the hallway and I see big red letters saying MARINES!! And I was like ok I heard these guys are hardcore!! So I went over and I sat down with a recruiter he started listing of MOS/Jobs and I said to him nope one thing I want sir and that’s infantry!! He look at me and ask me if I was sure? I told him yes I am. Fast forward to a year later after months of training hard and getting my ass kick. I was with my unit 1st battalion 8th marines!! I did two tours to Afghanistan and 1 tour to Japan and Korea. I did 10 years in the Marines and I have to tell you I love everything minute of it. I’ve learned so much about my self and people. I’ve lost brothers and gained so many.

So now it’s 2019 and I’m currently in school full time earning a degree in Homeland security, while applying to different police and federal agencies. I am also working part time at the traffic court house. I still keep ties with the Marines because I am in the reserves, not the same as active duty but it will do lol, any other devil dogs in the group would get that!!

I recently just got engaged to my beautiful fiancé Katelyn Hughes!! She’s been my road dog thru all my races including the Ironman we did last year!! And this year our big race is the NYC marathon! We can’t wait to do. Fun fact about me I’ve never ran a marathon before until the Ironman lol. So that was a fun one haha. But seriously Kate has been sent from the above!! She’s an amazing woman and I love her dearly!! She’s also the reason I found you guys and ran the course for the first time last year!! So until Monday ladies and gents I hope you enjoy this little read,and thank you Lou for choosing me!!