Saturday Spotlight – Jennifer Owen (6/6/20)

Lou asked me to be WOTW so here it goes….

Name: Jennifer Owen

Age: 41

Marital Status: Married

Kids: Olivia (5) Colette (3)

Occupation: Recently became a stay at home mom, though I previously worked as a Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor for 15 years.

Hobbies: crafting, cooking, decorating, throwing parties (I love a good theme party)going to shows and concerts

Hometown: Flushing, Queens and Central Islip,NY

Current Town: Holbrook

College: Suffolk Community and St Joseph’s, Patchogue

Favorite Race: Cow Harbor

Frequent Running Spots: Generally my neighborhood, the hills and recently discovered the Greenbelt Trail

Hi everyone who takes the time to read this I’m a newbie on the hills (ran my first classic February 2) I started to add to my training for the NYC half (which unfortunately was cancelled) I thought I was going to just run here and there on the hills but I very fortunately made some great friends already and everyone has been amazingly supportive.

So a little bit about me in regards to running- I only started running about 2 years ago. my sister in law who is a regular runner, signed me and my husband up for the summer run series and from there caught the running bug. I used run a bit in the past but never this committed. Recently I have found that running has been a great release for me, especially with staying at home. I’m a total sucker for medals, I will run any race that has a medal for finishing I just love the excitement of racing and it’s setting a great example for my daughters who now take interest in too.

A little about me- well I’ve been married for 7 years. We actually met by being suggested as friends on Facebook and low and behold we grew up in the same town and mildly knew of each other. We have 2 daughters who are the absolute loves of my life but also drive me crazy! I’m very much a goof ball, I love to be silly and make people laugh. I enjoy vacationing (who doesn’t) especially Disney, going to concerts ( I’ve seen John Mayer 5 times now) and wine! I feel I’m a very loyal and caring person but I tend to not take crap from anyone (especially if someone is being mean or hurtful)

I guess as the week goes on I will be able to express more about myself, I didn’t realize how hard this was going to be! Sorry for the delay in posting, kids really suck up a lot of my time . Thank you Lou for asking me to do this!