Saturday Spotlight- Jeff Pinkosh

Hey everybody I ran as a kid from 11-16 and then again in my early 20s. Then came all the crazy things as you enter adult life that keep you from exercising. Some 25 years had passed and the subject of running came up in my mind again.

In 2009 my relationship with my wife(a runner) was coming apart and I thought I could bond with her through running. So I threw myself into it, mostly running 5ks and the occasional 10k. During the second year I really started to do well and enjoy the racing, that seemed to make our relationship worse, she didn’t understand the need to race more then once a year! I loved the competition and signing up for races made me train harder, I was running/training seven days a week, trying to run the same coarse faster then the day before. First came a foot injury and then in May of 2012 my knee locked up on me at work while I was pushing about 600 pounds of beer up a grocery store ramp. I spent that summer home with my kids, everyday we would spend together going fishing, swimming at the beach or the movies and even grocery shopping and cleaning the house! It was time a father never gets to spend with his kids, at least that’s how I felt about the knee injury. A blessing in disguise!! Finally after 3 months of physical therapy and rest, I had meniscus surgery in early October of 2012 and two weeks later I was riding a spin bike I bought. In December I thought I would try running, and It didn’t go as well as I thought!! “PAIN” was all I thought while jogging really slowly around the school track. I went up to the school a few times a week with great intentions to start training hard again, it just never happened. Was I done, that’s how I felt in early April 2013 as I sat and watched the Boston marathon, the bombs going off and knocking the runners to the ground. Watching them get back up and running made me want to put my shoes and and run. I ran pretty consistent up until cow harbor of that year, but I was still lacking inner strength and motivation. But that changed on November 3, my first hills run and believe me that was a very hard day! I felt worn out a defeated on Rosemount, barely making it back to the parking lot, and I even got lost having lost the crowd of runners. The following week I came back and the rest is history. In late December I brought Christine a couple of times, but she had no interest in making friends while running. I continued to go and I loved being a part of the group. Over the last year a lot has changed for me personally, but my friends from Selden have remained constant, and I thank all of you for that! Thanks for keeping me focused on life, and those important things in my life! Add-on I wrote this at 11:30pm after finally settings new phone up, haven’t even read it! Thanks in advance for being nice!

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