Saturday Spotlight- Janet Buitenkant

Janet (Munro) Buitenkant
57: once you start entering races, ya can’t hide your age
Hometown: Ronkonkoma
Current home: Northport
Family: Bill husband of 39yrs, sons Raymond 22 and Ian 20. Im the oldest of 3,both siblings live here on Long Island as do both my parents.
Pet: one cockatiel Smokey
Occupation: Registered nurse operating room

I’ve only been running since march 2016. My first race was Little Cow Harbor 4 mile. I was encouraged to run it by my sister Susan Munro- Donnelly. It will be fun and it’s right near your neighborhood she said. I kind of trained( run-walk-run) in whatever sneakers I had in my closet, and more layers than anyone should run in. She was right on both counts. I was hooked. Who knew people would be cheering along the course😀But It’s a sneaky finish because the volunteers tell you”the finish line is just around the corner”, it’s a corner, an incline, and the length of the driveway! I was happy to be done and not last.(this was a race goal for most races for some time, the other goal- to not need medical attention along the route)

I can’t remember my hillaversary, but probably around a year ago. Still have to walk some. I joined Northport running club and the Northport women’s racing team after being assured the my slow times wouldn’t negatively impact the team. The camaraderie of all my running groups really is inspiring and feeds my new addiction. I like to say I’m a member of the North-selden-port-hills warriors!

I lived here on Long Island all my life. I graduated connetquot hs in 1978. And got married a year later. Thought I was going to be a clerk typist, but joined my husband in his house painting business. We did this for 5 years till we both started college. Him full time, and painting on weekends-and me part time college. By 1986 I was finish and Graduated as a surgical technologist( the one that hands the instruments to the surgeon). Loved it!!! And a year later went back to get my RN. In 96 i took 13 yrs off to stay home with my boys when they were young. Im back in the operating room and still love it. It is a physically demanding job 10 hr shifts 4 days a week. I like to think of it as cross training days (average 10,000 steps) does that count??? More to come…..