Saturday Spotlight- Georgia Carden

Age: 45
Married to: Chris
Children: Ryan 18, Holly 16
Occupation: LPN

I can’t believe I am actually doing this. Kind of excited and nervous. Excited to be part of such an awesome group and nervous that I don’t bore you all.

I grew up in a large family. Last of six kids so no one really payed attention to me. I was just there.
I always love to run as a kid. I was always looking to race someone. I couldn’t wait to get to middle school so I can run track. I ran track in middle school but never stuck with it. My friends were much more important to me, and they didn’t run so I quit the track team to be with them.
I met my husband in high school. He was very athletic and always played sports. Me, I could run but had no coordination for any other sport. After high school I tried college didn’t love it so I decided to get a job instead. Boy, am I sorry now. my husband continued with college and that’s when he took up running. By that time I was smoking cigarettes and running definitely was not my thing. I remember always waiting for him at the finish lines.
After he finished school we got engaged and after we married we signed up for our first 5k. I thought it was so much fun. I think I may of even placed. From that point on I would run on and off but never consistently.
As time went on had my first child and that’s when I really got serious about going to the gym. Since than I have always been a gym rat. Still running on and off and most of time on the treadmill. And that’s where I met Kristin Babcock Petraco. She told about the NYC half marathon. I said to myself just enter the drawing what are the chances of getting in? We’ll I got in that year and that is when I got more serious about running. Than one day I met Jean Santacroce Nesbitt and she told about this crazy group called the Selden hills warriors she told about the Facebook page. I joined the Facebook page, but never had the courage to run the course. One day I ran into Kristen Babcock Petraco and she finally convinced me to run the hills. I guess I started running the hills about a year ago. Around June after the Long Island half I developed a nagging hip tendinitis so had to stop running for awhile. I started running the hills again and my hip is feeling good at the moment as I prepare for the Brooklyn half, hoping it continues to feel good, I would love to try my first full marathon. I am so glad I got the courage to finally get to the hills, because I gave met so many wonderful and encouraging people and look forward to meeting more of you.

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