Saturday Spotlight- Dominick LoGiudice

Saturday Spotlight

Dominick LoGiudice
my last name LO GIUDICE
Pronunciation: Low jew di chay,
Italian Meaning: The Judge Origin:Sicilia
Age Now 60 (shit) last week was my birthday
Current Town: Patchogue, From : Shirley , prev: The Bronx, Born in Manhattan
Married Barbara LoGiudice , Three Boys Kyle 30, Twins Tyler 27 and Chris 27
Pets Aspen – White Huskey, Luna – lab mix both rescue dogs
Occupation – Senior Software Engineer , Stony Brook University 24 years this June
I would like to apologize in advance to anyone i might insult, disgust or disparage. I am math person and I must also apologize for my grammar and language skills its a mixture of Bronx and Long Island.

i do not have a very exciting story but maybe you will pickup some tidbits about who s this guy
My family was originally from the Bronx where I lived with my parents and brother mom Elizabeth. i knew very little of her family. Her family lived in Brooklyn Flatbush area
Despite having a broken home she was very smart graduated high school at age 14 after being in accelerated academic programs. she did not attend college which i think was normal for that time. Fun Facts she told me was one of my grandparents were Puerto Rican so I like to say i am 1/8 PR.

My dad Dominick his family were from Palermo area of sicily and came straight off the boat thru Ellis island. My dads father Ciro was a band leader and came from a family with a long musical tradition. My dad was musician playing piano for a living leaving home at age 14 to help support his family, he had 2 sisters and 2 disabled brothers. they lived in the lower east side on Saint Marks Place between 1st and 2nd avenue. It was wild from what i remember and some of you know the area. a family with a long musical tradition. My dad was musician playing piano for a living leaving home at age 14 to help support his family, he had 2 sisters and 2 disabled brothers.
Eventually he played solo and taught music. He was a character and a riot LAUGHS , He used to come out with me and all my friends when i was around 21 and 22 my friends enjoyed him. i think you all would have enjoyed him. Interesting running related fact He was a very good long jumper and used to challenge me and anyone who dared him. he won most times .
About me: We moved to Shirley – few remember but the sign said Welcome to Shirley – Gateway to the Hamptons. originally part time in 1964 then it was permanent shortly after when my brother was mugged for his lunch money about age 7. it was like living in the sticks , NO people and NO nothing back then. I went to William Floyd H.S it was a tiny High school then, I skipped kindergarten so I went right to first grade at the Moriches annex. some of you Floyd people will remember the Moriches Annex by the Twin Ponds ? , My friends were the funniest people I knew till this day, We used to throw the bus drivers Broom out the window everyday. One day the principle was following our bus it hit his car, He stopped the bus and made us stay until someone ratted out who did. NO ONE cracked, he eventually let us go.

A bumper sticker we all had which I cannot find anymore, SHIRLEY AND THE MASTICS , THE GOOD LIFE
What I liked the best growing up there was the outdoor fun we had. Basically living outside all summer living by Carmans River , fishing , swimming , camping going nuts we would go to South Haven Park taking a row boat and riding it down the water falls. Climbing the radio tower on Smith Road with your friends ahead of you spitting or peeing or throwing pebbles down at you. Let not forget the Smith Point Beach still my favorite place. We used to go almost every day of the summer rain or shine. Wee would go wild everyday Having Laughs. We were nuts , we used to pick up random girls and throw them in the water, I still can’t figure it out why but even more puzzling the girls seemed to like it. They would hang out with us
and pick out victims for us. it was all in good fun. Part of the crazy rite of passage in Mastic/shirley/mastic beach area was you had to jump of the Smith Point Bridge when you are hanging on the otherside of the railing its a lot higher and the water has a wicked current. Everytime i drive across it now I really say “Wow what was i thinking”
Lets not forget the bars like the Sand Bar in downtown mastic Beach next to my former church St. Judes, Schultzies Tavern .
I feel I have been running my whole life but not running as a sport. I have been active my whole life playing sports , anything sports it was all my interests until Girls then it was 50-50 ha ha ha. i played 5 yrs of Varsity level Soccer starting as a 8th grader on the original William Floyd Varsity team.
Although I was never joined any organized running teams. I was a good runner always winning the 600 run for the President Fitness award in gym class (do they still do this )
I had a pretty good mile time high 5’s low 6’s i think, i was asked to run cross country. But never did.
I basically have been running my whole life because it was necessary. I grew to the height am now pretty late and with a wise guy attitude and running was my best defense. Like i always say , I was built to run away from people.
A problem i always had is out of nowhere I had Breathing problems wheezing, grasping to breathe especially when younger the doctors convinced my parents the city pollution was killing me so after we moved it continued, They always diagnosed me with Bronchitis like clock work every Fall is started as soon as it got colder and continued until late spring. it really affected my running
so about age 17 i had to figure this out , I wound up getting allergy tested I was found to be Highly Allergic to Cats, Horses, pollen, mold and host of other things , It triggered Asthma Attacks. Of course my parents were smokers until late in life and we always had atleast two cats in house. I got allergy shots forever it has helped and I am able to manage it better, Cold dry weather kills me and I try my best to run it , MY reason for F-SNOW

Now as a fine standing member of society I am married and live in Patchogue now for 32 yrs now. We have 3 boys all are off my payroll. Kyle 30 years old is a paramedic for FDNY right now stationed in Brooklyn under paid, under appreciated by the public but he loves his job. My twins 27 years old Tyler (born 8.2 lb) is an accountant at Louis Vuitton in Manhattan and Chris (born 8.7 lb) is project manager at NYU Langione. The boys were very active in High school sports especially the Twins Tyler = soccer and lacrosse , basketball , Chris = football, wrestling , Lacrosse. Chris did very well in high school although Patchogue-Medford was not strong Lacrosse school , He made All-COUNTY for Lacrosse , attracted interest from colleges and got a scholarship to attend Manhattan College. Tyler was able to Play Lacrosse in college at Saint Leo in Florida When the high school , college sports ended I was basically doing nothing. I sit all day like I am now and so long my ass hurts. So on a push from co-worker Eric sometime in 2004 i started running at stony brook. Running my first 5k in August 2005
I will tell more of Eric and running this week.

I guess I will end this now with this I knew exactly what i was doing when i joined the group and i am glad i did.
I am glad I had the chance to meet you Guys and Girls

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