Saturday Spotlight- Claudia Cabanas

Name: Claudia Cabanas
Age: 40
Marital Status: Married to Tim
Furry Kids: Too many to list
Grew up in: Westbury
Currently lives in: Lindenhurst
Occupation: Patient Advocate

As many have previously written, I was not a runner growing up—I don’t think I ever managed to run the cross-country mile for PE and barely could finish it under the 16-minute time limit. While I always admired, even envied, runners, I never thought I would ever be one. Then in July 2009, I came across an article in MORE Magazine titled “You Too Can Run a Half Marathon In 8 Weeks”. So, I did! Eight weeks later, I ran my first race, The Entenmann’s Great South Bay Half Marathon, and I haven’t stopped since. As many already know, that’s my MO: jumping into things without much thought/planning while trying to have fun along the way. Sometimes it works, sometimes not! I have two huskies, Max & Oreo, and they’re often the reason I’m out there running, since both require a lot of exercise.

Shout out to last week’s WOTW, Dawn, for getting me out to the hills! While I had been planning on it for a while, it was during Blazing Trails last year that she offered to run with me/show me the course the following morning…..too bad she got sick overnight and couldn’t make it. So, what to do when you’re alone in the parking lot with no idea what to do? Search the web for course directions, take screen shot of map, start running and hope you don’t get lost! And the rest, of course, is history.

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