Saturday Spotlight- Christy Carrisquillo

Name: Christy Carrasquillo

Age: 40

Occupation: accounting/office manager

Relationship status: single af

Children: never

Dogs (they are my children) Lexi, 15 Maltese, Stevie age unknown Pittbull

Hobbies: Running, lifting, reading, cursing, dancing

Hometown: Levittown

Current: Middle Island

What’s up guys! I’m kind of a newbie when it comes to running so my history is not very long. I have only done a handful of races. I started running about 4 years ago. When I started it I hated it because I have asthma getting my breathing under control was difficult, but I figured if my mother and sister can run with asthma so can I. The first couple of years of running I would go out and do about 3 to 4 miles, still struggling to breathe the entire time and I never ran in the winter.

I started doing HIIT training the end of 2017. HIIT training taught me how to control my breathing FINALLY! Now at this point I still don’t love running but I enjoy it. I ran through the summer and fall but took my normal winter break. During the winter I did a lot more lifting and HIIT training so when the weather got nicer in 2018 I was more prepared with my breathing and I started running again and omg I started to actually love it. I can’t believe I got to this point and started getting the runners high I’d heard so much about!

But it wasn’t until I started doing more long distance running this year that I really fell in love. Jason and Maryanne had tried to get me on the hills last year but honestly I was scared of them. This April I finally got my ass onto the hills course. Now up until this point most of my runs were flat and around 5 miles. Oh that first 10k you go through some shit lol. During it I wanted to die several times (Rosemount I’m looking at you) but thankfully there were so many people on the hills that morning cheering me on and it kept me going, you guys are truly an amazing group. Well I have never had a runners high like the one I got that day. And I felt like a bad ass!! I have been hitting the hills on a regular basis ever since, along with my flat runs and in August I did my first slaughterhouse run, that was my longest run up until that point. With all the hills training I was able to run my 1st half marathon this year! My goal this year is to continue running through the winter, I’d love to be able to run a full marathon in 2020.

Thank you Lou for asking me to be WOTW I’d like to apologize in advance, I’m terrible with writing and organizing my thoughts. So this should be an interesting week lol.