Saturday Spotlight- Christopher Schreiber

Name: no alias; I’m me
Age: 50
Hometown: Queens (Kew Gardens)
Current: Kings Park
Spouse: Maki (married 24 yrs), two boys John (18) & Nick (16)
Pets: Two dogs, Ken and Toshi-Hime (both Shiba Inu)
Occupation: Accountant

As a manager at a CPA firm running is the only thing that keeps me sane through my busy season (at this point it doesn’t end ever). My wife learned long ago to just let me go off and get my run in (she’s more than welcome to come along but as a former swimmer running is torture to her). As I finished college, studied for the CPA exam, got married, bought a house, had kids…this is how I feel human. Even when I’m sick, I have to get out for a run. 
I’ve been running and racing for over 25 years, and almost all of that time is running alone. It never bothered me, it’s more my “natural” state. None of my friends or family ran when I started. So why come to the Hills? I’ve always enjoyed the camaraderie of racing, even when I don’t know anyone else – being surrounded by fellow crazy runners is fun; being on the shy quiet side just means I take longer to “impose” myself on others. Really, it’s that red tank that caught my attention. And that awesome hills logo. They’re everywhere!

I grew up in the City and mostly ran NYRRC races. Even after moving to the Island in 2001 I still commuted in to run races. Over time it seemed like getting to the starting line in Central park was way more effort than its worth and I started seeking out more local ones. My first local race – Angel’s Gate 5K – I also got my first AG. I was shocked. I had left before the awards and didn’t realize till later. Shifting from races of 2,000-4,000 down to 100-200 had its benefits. (Yeah, doesn’t make me any faster but the hardware is cool).

The 2017 NY Parks Summer Series was probably where I first noticed all the red. Races in general can be very social but seeing all the Hillbillies cheering each other on was what made me think it might be fun to join a group to run with. I’ve always been a fan of hills – Central Park, the Williamsburg Bridge (my fave run when I lived in the East Village), even in my current home of Kings Park (I do loops up and down the boulevard through the KP Psych Center). When I saw the website I knew I had to give it a shot. I think it took a week to recover from that first run; going back the second time is the hardest part! I had no idea the Island had such insane hills. I have a terrible sense of direction & I’m grateful to those who helped teach me the course and keep me on track. I’ve met a lot of great people on the hills and at races, and I hope to meet more of you out there. Just getting a random “Go Selden!” during a race or high five from a Warrior I’ve never met makes a world of difference.