Saturday Spotlight- Charlie Long

Name: Charlie Long
aka- Daddy, Uncle Charles, Chaz, C.L. Smooth, Ironman!
Age: 42
1. Lineman for Verizon – currently on strike (Construction work where I drive a big bucket truck, climb poles, work on cables & in manholes, etc)
2. Handyman contractor, mainly for Apple
Children: 2 ❤️❤️, Caitlyn 16 in 4 days! & Brianna 14-1/2
Status: Engaged to June Luciano
Siblings: I’m #3 (and coolest) of 4
Pet: Rick Secor
A big “thank you!” to Lou LaFleur for all that he’s done in creating & developing this incredible family of ours! We’re all indebted to you Lou. Like everyone else here, I’m extremely grateful for all of the friendships I’ve gained being a Selden Hills Warrior!
About me:
(In no particular order)
I’m an onion- simple yet has many layers & I probably smell. I’m goofy & fun & joke A LOT. I’m a extremely hard worker. I’m straightforward. Being a father to my 2 girls is THE most important thing to my heart (which does not take away from the many other important things/people to me because I try my best to balance it all). I procrastinate. Example: It is currently 7:22am Saturday & I’m writing this. I never quit … never. My stubborn, Irish side is to blame. I love competition of any kind. I always try my hardest to win, but I don’t care if I do. It’s just fun trying. Go Jets! I hate bullies w/ a passion always have. I’m a fighter & have NO problem w/ confrontation yet I’ve never been in a real brawl (which I find very odd). My mom is a saint (besides her Italian guilt voodoo which gets me to do anything) & I respect her more than anyone on the planet (even though I love to tease her & don’t call as much as I should). I’m fearless. I care too much. I’m passionate. I get loud when I’m debating, arguing & drinking. I can’t help it smile emoticon I’m a hugger & a kisser. I’m generally a Conservative. I believe in God & The Bible, and I’m not ashamed to say so. I believe in striving not to be a good person, but to be in a close relationship w/ Jesus. I’m a hypocrite & many other bad things. But, I’m not all that bad & gosh darn it, I like myself!
Quick history:
Born in Yonkers, lived in Mahopac a few years, but most of my life I’ve been here on my family’s island wink emoticon
My dad died in a train accident coming home from work when I was 9. It made me a stronger person, intent on being the best father ever & probably saved me from being an alcoholic.

I grew up a “church kid” & a Royal Ranger (same as a churchy Boy Scout). My Uncle Buddy & a few other men in church became my collective male/father role model. It was perfect. I could see all the various good qualities in them & focus on those.
My nickname in H.S. was Church-going Charlie.

I’ve always been into playing sports. Mainly football, basketball & lacrosse.
Ironically, some of my close buds said I was the man who could run forever, but I didn’t start “running” til I was 39.

There ya go!!
It’s jib jabbery, but that’s how my brain works.
Happy Saturday!

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