Saturday Spotlight- Bobby Moore

Buon Giorno from Grado ITALY , Im the warrior of the week , Im a man of few words gonna try to keep it short an sweet .

i was never into running , as i kid i played soccer n hockey but never took it serious because i liked to party an do stupid shit an get into trouble . when i finished high school i decided too move too fla. and live with dad. my dad was a runner. He would run than come home an knock down a bottle. it was a big party all the time down there, that lasted 3 years on may 27 th 1988 i got into a bad car accident how i made it only god knows , it was time to come back home , that was somewhat of a wake up call. i got a job and starting night school and joined a gym I became a gym rat pumping iron was my thing . fast foward
I got married had 3 great kids right around 2006 things went bad my marriage ended because of me an my dad passed away , i didnt want to cry over a bar stool so i took to the streets running i was still hitting the weights ,I was only running by myself for a while then started to go some local races here an there , I cant remember where i was but some kid who was a marathon/ IRONMAN said i was an animal and i should try it out , he gave me the name of total team training . where I met Laura n Steve T. I trained with them for a few years doing 10ks an sprints . then in 2011 i decided to run NYC ,I finished that an wanted more some so I decided lets give IRONMAN a try , make a long story short 4 marathons an 3 IronMan done an more to come . btw me an my x wife are the best of friends , peace n love

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