Saturday Spotlight- Ann Marie Hassett

ALERT to all of my friends! Yes I am writing a Warrior Spotlight!!

Name: Ann Marie Hassett

Age: 50

Hometown: Shirley

Current Town: Coram

Occupation: Chemistry Teacher

Pets: Pups: Charlotte, Khloe & Bentley. Cats: Callie & Dasher

Marital Status: in a perfectly imperfect marriage for 31 years

Children : James, 30. Casey, 26. Dana, 19.

I am the oldest of five children and the only girl. I went to parochial school for nine years and then attended William Floyd HS. I played soccer since I was 8 and was the first girl to play on the boys soccer team in HS since they did not have a girls team.
I went to Suffolk Community College where I met my husband in a coed volleyball class. Graduated, got married then went to John Jay College and graduated with Forensic Toxicology and Chemistry degrees. I worked as a cancer research scientist and then at the Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s Office in the toxicology department. On a dare from a friend I started attending education classes at Dowling. I was told I would be a great teacher but at the time was not liking my two kids so it was a dare I took hesitantly.
So now I am a teacher and that is where my crazy running career started. A fellow teacher and friend, Liz Maffia was running a marathon and said I should run the half marathon. I do not know why I said ok but I did. I never ran before except while playing soccer. So I bought a 30 dollar pair of sneakers, went on map my run and trained for three months to run my first race ever, a half marathon. That was in 2008. So I ran more 13.1, 15k 10k but did not run my first 5k until 2014. I ran the hills for the first time on Easter morning 2018 and never really went back. Happy I did it but thought you are all CRAZY! But now I run the hills 6-8 times a month. It does become addictive but NEVER easy. Now I run and train with my sole sisters but I’ll save talking about them till later in the week.
Finally, everyone that knows me knows that God comes first in my life and I try to be a positive role model in my community. I’m involved in a few things but love sharing them with people as I find they may have an interest in the same. So, would you like to get involved with fellowship, feeding and clothing our homeless community, contact me. If you would like to foster a child or be a big brother or sister to a child in the system, contact me. And if you have a family member or friend or anyone who has an addiction problem that needs help, contact me. I have lived the latter. My son is an addict and after a few failed attempts to clean himself up was put into a program supported by my church. A 12 month residential care facility that is concerned with the body, mind, and spirit of those who come for help.
So I guess you can say this is the get to know me phase and the rest of the week should be fun and easier to post. (I wrote this a few hours ago and just got the courage to post)