Saturday Spotlight- Alexandra Erickson

Name: Alexandra Erickson
Age: 33
Occupation: Part time Vet Tech, Part time Real Estate Appraiser Assistant (for Tyler’s dad), Part time Office Assistant (for Tyler’s Boss), Nearly full time Mom (Monday and Saturday I’m at the animal hospital. Those are my “days off”!)
Married to: Tyler Erickson
Children: 2-legged – Willow (4)
4-legged – Titus (dog), Sushi and Five (cats)

So you all get to learn a little about me this week!!! I’m so excited to share this week, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. I was so inspired by Ali Delwin’s quest for Warrior of the Month, that September starts my own quest… I want to make it on the leaderboard!!!

My story is fairly simple… Grew up in Hauppauge. Went to Smithtown Christian School K-12. Graduating class of 2000. Went to Grove City College in western PA. I met Tyler the first weekend on campus, freshman year. We began dating a month later. We were immediately an “old married couple”, so when we got engaged junior year, no one was really surprised. We got married October 2004, the fall after graduating. Tyler was going to work for his dad’s real estate appraisal business, so we moved out to CA after getting married. When the economy and the housing market collapsed a few years later, business was pretty icky and there was not much in the way of job opportunities. My parents offered for us to move into their basement apartment, back in NY, until we got on our feet. It seemed like there would be more job opportunity for Tyler here in NY. So, we packed it all up, and moved across the country, again. I wrangled 2 dogs, 2 cats and luggage, while Tyler took some time to road trip our car across the country with his brother. Who got the better deal on that one? We ended up staying with my parents for a couple years before we finally were able to purchase a house in Selden. Which is where we will stay forever because I’m never ever ever moving again.

I was always athletic. I was a dancer from age 5, taking tap, a little jazz and about 2 weeks of ballet. I played softball every summer from 3rd grade, through high school graduation. I wasn’t amazing, but I could hold my own. I even played on the IntraMural women’s softball team freshman year of college and we won the whole thing. I’ve always enjoyed playing team sports. Volleyball is now my favorite as an adult. But I’ve always HATED running. So it’s amusing, and ironic, that I’m sitting here about to embark on the telling of my running journey.

I hope you enjoy the coming week, my story, thoughts, ramblings on…. I know I am looking forward to writing about it this week!!

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