Saturday Spotlight- Alan Baisch

First I would like to thank Lou for the opportunity to be the Warrior of the week, especially when there are warriors that have been at it a lot longer than me (4 years). I grew up in Deer Park and remember in high school gym class running a mile and did it in 7:47. Many of my classmates were much faster and I just figured that running wasn’t my thing. I just wish that I stayed with it. I did play other sports but never thought much of running. After high school I went to college, received 2 degrees and started working full time. I am in the computer field and have been working with computers since my first high school class. Fast forward a few years (well more than a few) I have found that running has been a real eye opener and life changer for me. First I started running to lose weight, (I was 20 pounds heavier) then it was to relieve stress, (work surely helped me push it to the limits!!!) and finally for the enjoyment and to stay physically fit. Aside from running, I also enjoy biking, scuba diving, backpacking and my motorcycle.
I have met a lot of truly fantastic people at races and at the hills and realize that you are all crazy! (Only kidding !!!) I really believe that if everyone in the world took up biking, swimming and running (especially running) there would probably be no war. Everyone would be too busy training for their next event and war would just get in the way (just like work).

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