Saturday Spotlight- Adrian Argueta

Name: Adrian Argueta aka “yooo adrian”

Birthday: July 31 1980

Status: Under new management
MARRIED..( and 3 boys)

Current town: Deer Park.

As I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and a caffee caramel latte I am wondering where do I start…

Came to the U.S. in 1997, I was born in El Salvador and growing up the only sport i played was soccer, I did most of the running like that. Didn’t play any sports in high school or college, it was pretty much school and work no time for running pretty much started right after the boston marathon bombing, terrorists wanted to plant fear in us I wasnt going to let that happen, and to show support for the runners out there I signed up for my first 10k, the long island marathon weekend..i trained to run 10miles thinking that 10k was 10 miles n not 6miles..dont ask me why i assumed that..lmao..ive been running since then 2 marathons so far a few half marathons and a bunch of 10k n 5ks, most important and awesome race was NYC marathon, run in 2016..18miles with awesome time until my hamstrings n quads lower back n even my jaw starting cramping up, run the last 8 miles holding my right leg but finished.

This year I have not run too much due to my wedding last October and buying a house made free time impossible.

El capitan ( Lou LaFleur) asked me to be wtow in February and I picked this date because i day like today a year ago I became US citizen.

When I run my first ocean to sound relay 50miles, i run it with the northport running club after finishing the race at the festival I was approached by 2 fun ladies and they inviting me to run the selden hills and asked where those hills were and they asked me to follow them on facebook and so I did go one time and run my first 10k which found it very difficult to run under my usual 10k time that kept me going back to the hills to run it everytime with a better time even if that time was a second faster, that counts rightπŸ‘.

Anyway thank you Lou (el Capitan) for welcoming in to this awesome running group..i hope to see you all on sundays 8am