Run For the Hill of It 2015 Recap

2015 Inaugural Run for the Hill of It Race Recap

Where do I begin?

Yesterday’s event was even better that I imagined! The enthusiasm and excitement of all involved was apparent from 6AM right through the finish! A tremendous job by the RaceAwesome team and all the volunteers….many who are SHW’s themselves which made the race even more special.

There were too many terrific individual performances to recount here. Those who were there witnessed every one of them. So what I would like to do to recap this race is provide an overall picture of how our group as a whole did on our home course.

For starters I counted 112 SHW’s competing out of the 233 finishers. That’s 48% of the total. So we were WELL represented for sure!!
Secondly, the top 9 women…that’s NINE! Overall were Selden hillbillies!! Fabulous job ladies!!!
18 of the first 21 women to cross the finish line were Warriors and 21 of the top 32 men did the same.
The stat that jumped out at me the most however were all the age groups that we swept!! Even though awards were not handed out to third place I included third place finishes in the mix because that is what is traditionally done in road racing.
The women had 4 sweeps including the 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, and 55-59. Awesome job ladies!!!
The men had 3 sweeps of the age groups first through third. 35-39, 50-54 and 55-59. The 50-54 age group also went six deep with all of the men breaking the 50 minute mark!! How about that!!?

Finally 23 of the 28 awards handed out for the women were taken by Selden Hills Warriors. 21 of 33 were taken by the men. That’s 44 of the 61 awards overall in the race taken by the red and white!! 72% of the total.

And our two eldest Warriors Joe Lazzaro at age 70 and Helma Clavin at age 72 both took first with Joe doing so with a time of 53:50!!
Excellent job by all who were involved!!

Corey Roberts you should be proud of the job you and your staff did yesterday! And in speaking with you you have some even bigger and better ideas for next years race which is already scheduled for 8/21/16!!

Keep running them hills everyone!!!

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