Warrior Stories- Rick Secor

I believe that every time I have ever run is memorable, but there are moments every here and there that will haunt me forever. Since this is a Hillbilly group, I figure I’d keep it on the hills. I have so many memories on the hills.

The Hills have been a big part of my life since I can remember .

My memories of the hills date back to the ’60s , when my older brother and sister and their friends would let me tag along when they hot rodded over the hills at high speeds. I of course ,I did the same when I was old enough . I grew up in the town next to Selden called Centereach . My older siblings used to cut through Adirondack Drive when they would take me to Country Fair Amusements on 112 . I loved pinball and my older siblings spoiled me by toting me everywhere .

I had always told my friends about this cool place that I go with my brother and sister and I knew that I would have a ball if I could go there with them . So one day my friends and myself decided to hop on our skateboards and take the journey. I wasn’t even allowed off of my own street yet , but that never stopped me . It was a long trip , but we had a blast riding the hills and playing the games when we got to Country Fair .

We started making this journey every couple of weeks and started having problems with some “big kids” threatening and bullying us at the base of summit hill ! They were such punks and quite frankly scared the hell out of me . We would walk up Summit fearing for our lives . We tried to run up it a few times , but none of us ever made it to the top .

These kids got on our nerves so much that we decided to carry rocks in our pockets for protection . The first time we went through there with the rocks , there were only two of us and my friend didn’t even wait for them to say anything . He just nailed one of the kids right in the chest !!!! The whole gang of kids immediately charged after us . My friend and Myself started running up Summit like we never did before . I thought for sure that those kids would certainly catch us ,but when I looked over my shoulder , It seemed like they were walking . I got to the top and threw a rock at them myself and continued running !
I’ve run Summit thousands of times since then , but that was my first time and my most MEMORABLE !

I still get the willies every time I run in that area and I often wonder If any of the gray haired folks that I say hello to are one of those punk kids !

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