Saturday Spotlight- Katy Forman

Saturday Spotlight:
Katy Forman – 32 years old
Occupation- 8th grade English teacher and personal trainer
Married to Douglas Forman
Child: Lucas Forman – 14 months old

My name is Katy Forman and I am the lab experiment for the group. haha….I have always been a health and fitness enthusiast, but as far as my running background, I was never a track runner (hence my inability to figure out my garmin and my very novice questions at times)….I was a lax and basketball player in high school. I got into running during college and after a rigorous recooperation from 2 ACL surgeries. I have a few cousins whom I always looked up to that race at high levels……so I had to join their insanity! My racing took it to the next level when…..One of my best friends growing up passed away when we were 20 yrs old in 2004…. It affected me greatly as we were captains together and trained together during summer months including many runs to each others home during high school. At that time, I decided I wanted to do something in memory of her and running seemed like the answer that best fit our friendship. I ran my first marathon in January 2006 sporting her smiling face on my shirt. It was an emotional and physical challenge for myself. I then presented that shirt to her family. At that point, I realized competing and achieving goals was not only a great feeling, but also an incredible outlet that would get me through some tough times throughout the years….I became hooked on challenges and have completed 2 more marathons, several halfs, many 5 and 10ks and dabbled in a few triathlons. I bounced back and forth to different forms of athletics since and have since began my quest for speed and ready for serious results. These athletics have included competing in martial arts, several fitness competitions, a crossfit regionals competiton, and obstacle races. I have also focused on creating a HIIT class for adults in which has its primary focus on obstacle racing and is a hybrid form of fitness. The class includes speed and agility, obstacles, olympic lifts, and full body movements. HIIT is a part of my regular routine and my Semper Strong business that I do after teaching 8th grade English and during summer months. I have found my training has had a positive impact and has paved the way for many of my former students to following my foot steps. Whether they began racing, competing in fitness, or carrying around a gallon of water…. they have learned to set goals and discipline themselves for success. I have recently had my first child, Lucas Forman. He is 14 months old and an athlete in training! I am enjoying having him on my runs and competing with the running stroller…I wld love to create or join a stroller division (if anyone else is interested 🙂 ). Currently, I would like to up my intensity and compete at a higher level during races. I have 2 half marathons, a triathlon, and a full marathon within the upcoming months….and any other race or challenge offered to me (I just can’t seem to say no to that). I am excited to be a part of this group as it is nice to be surrounded by such positive people and has assisted in my growth as an athlete already. Thank you for welcoming me as a warrior and I look fwd to meeting and running with you all

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