Katy’s Kinetic Korner-June Summary

Katy‘s kinetic korner – June summary:

I completed 3 Selden Hills 10K runs during the month of June in my journey. It was a harder month for me based on illness and coming off of 2 longer races (2 half marathons this month). Thanks to the many warriors that have pushed me along or that I have chased this month to help me improve my times. So here is my summary chart. If you were following along and doing the same experiment, how did you make out?

My results: 55:10/8:53 pace. This was an improvement from my 57:36/9:17 in May. Also, the 5K race times improved from an avg of 25:08/8:06 to 24:15/7:51.

I am looking fwd to adding track workouts these summer months and continuing to train with the many awesome warriors that have made me into a true vampire…looking fwd to 5ams even though I am a teacher and off for the summer!

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