Hills History- Part 3


Ever wonder how much of our course is actually run in Selden? We are the Selden Hills Warriors after all! Well I wonder about that ALL the time so why not get to the bottom of it once and for all so I can start wondering about other things….like how the heck am I ever going to win a Warrior of the Month with all you mileage machines kicking butt every month!!

Back when these issues were decided decades ago the dividing line between Selden and Farmingville to the south took an irregular route. While the east and west lines followed a straight line along Adirondack Drive and Blue Point Rd, the southern border cuts through the property lines of the homes on Tower Hill and Highview.

We start our 10K run in Selden at the Westfield Shopping Center and head east turning south onto Adirondack Drive. After about 1.8 miles you reach the intersection with Summit Place. The left (east) side of the street is Farmingville. The right side (west) is Selden. South of Summit you are running entirely in Farmingville until you start heading north on Berkshire. Once you cross Tower Hill and before you reach Highview you return to Selden and remain in Selden until the finish……unless…..you run on the left side of the road facing traffic on Blue Point Rd as most of us do. Then you are running in Farmingville on the section from Blue Point Rd to Mooney Pond Rd. (North of Money Pond and Blue Point you are again running entirely in Selden). Run on the right side with traffic and you remain in Selden. So depending on which side of the street you are running you could be doing the majority of your run in either Selden or in Farmingville!!

The additional mileage added to design the 15K course is entirely in Farmingville so when you run “The Slaughterhouse ” you are running mostly in Farmingville.

So the question is….should we be the Selden Hills Warriors or the Farmingville Hills Warriors???? Should we have an alternate jersey with Farmingville written across our chests for when we run the 15K??

Since we start and end our runs in Selden I think the correct choice was made. Besides….we are a brand name now!!!

Carry on Selden/Farmingville Warriors!!!

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